Success Stories

Success Stories

“…his guidance proved to be the best decision I have ever made in my life.”


My first meeting with Dr. Salem “was amazing” as he knew exactly how I felt, where it hurt and explained my (problem) to me.  His staff along with his guidance proved to be the best decision I have ever made in my life. He is a very generous and giving doctor with a gift so precious, I want the world to know what a wonderful human being he is and just how much he cares if you can get up and when you do that you feel whole.  I give the aware of success for a healthy and vigorous life to Dr. Salem in achieving the impossible.

-L.B., Santa Ana


“…if anyone could solve my problem, it would be Dr. Salem”

I was referred to your office by a chiropractor who had much respect for your professional skills and he knew that if anyone could solve my problem, it would be Dr. Salem.

-D.H., Orange


“…with his honesty and his plan”

Dr. Salem never guaranteed results but said he was confident he could help.  With his honesty and his plan, I felt I had nothing to lose.

-R.B., Santa Ana


“…works very hard”

Dr. Salem wants you to be pain free and works very hard to make that happen.

-P.E., Orange


“…you are the king.”

If I could just say one more thing, it would be Dr. Salem, you are the king.

-J.Q., Irvine


“The back pain was taking all of my energy”

I had excrutiating pain day and night in my lower back, hips and groin. I tried many methods but the pain always resurfaced. A debilitating illnesss left me unable to take pain relievers and most nights I couldn’t even sleep because the pain was so severe. I became totally incapacitated. When I saw the ad for Back In Action, I felt it was a blessing. There was a way for me to receive treatment without surgery, drugs or pain. After my treatment at Back In Action, I am able to function normally again. I can walk, work in the yard and do things I love to do. I am now a much happier and active person. Thank you Back In Action.

-Myrna DuVall


“I have my life back”

The pain in my upper right leg and lower back was unbearable and the numbness in my lower leg was scary. I used to be a very active person. With my back problem, it became difficult to bend down to pick something off the floor. The pain has been constant and a daily part of my life. I had to make adjustments with my hobbies and had even gained weight due to my lack of activity. Since the time I made the call to Back In Action, I litertally have my life back. Within the first week of treatment I stopped using the morphine patches and by the end of the week was completely off the vicodin. My family and friends are amazed at what I am able to do now.
-Angela Alayvilla

“My life was affected by leg pain”

I was suffering from sciatica. I thought my only option was surgey until I saw the as on TV featuring Spinal Decompression. I thought it was heaven sent that there are other alternatives to the surgery I had already planned. The best part of the program is that there was NO PAIN involved in the treatment. Because of the outstanding service I received at Back In Action the pain in my leg is gone and my life in much better.
-Francsica Ramiro

“I can walk and no longer need a wheelchair!”


Since my accident five years ago, I have been suffering with spinal problems. I could not walk and I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair. I was sent to a therapist to try and alleviate my pain and regain the strength I needed to walk, but it didn’t help. After seeing the ad in the newspaper and watching the video at Back In Action I knew what I had to do to change my life. Now I can walk, I no longer need a wheelchair and I can stand for a long period of time. My outlook and attitude on health have changed for the better and the best part is… NO WHEELCHAIR!
-Beatrice Plata

“I am happy to be alive and back to work”


A car accident left me with neck problems for almost two years. I couldn’t work or turn my head in any direction. I became very depressed, mad at the world and even considered suicide. I was desperate. I thought I had tried everything, yet nothing helped until I was treated at Back In Action. Now I have my life back!
-Juanita Harwood


“I have my life back”

Every area of my life was affected by my back injury. I couldn’t bend over, twist, push, pull or lift anything without excruciating pain. I couldn’t sleep, do sports and had a very hard time driving or getting in and out of a car. After three years of living like this, I decided to go ahead with treatment. Now I feel 100% better. My pain is gone and I can move around normally again. Thanks to Back In Action I have my life back.
-Linda Coffey-McKee

“I am able to rise from a lying position without pain”

I found out about Back In Action through a well illustrated and convincing newspaper advertisement. Because of the lower back pain I was suffering from I was unable to participate in the sports and other activities that I enjoyed. I had tried many methods of treating my degeneration and sciatica problems from epidural steroids, medications, physical therapy and traction, but nothing worked! After my Spinal Decompression program, I no longer have pain in my lower lumbar area and I am able to rise fully from a lying position without the excruciating pain I suffered with for almost a year. My attitude on health has changed and I no longer take life for granted.
-Michael Howard

“I now have full range of motion in my neck”

For eight years I suffered with severe headaches, pain in my arms, plus a limited range of motion in my neck! I had tried other treatments with limited improvement, and I still had daily pain with a consistent need for medication. After seeing the newspaper ad for Back In Action, and learning about this state of the art procedure, I decided to give it a try.

Now I have full range of motion in my neck, no pain or stiffness and my headaches and arm pains are gone! My attitude on health has changed, as I am more willing to consider new and different forms of treatment. I would recommend Back In Action to anyone who is serious about returning to a pain free life.
-Mike Maddox


“I have had no pain since the third week of treatment”

I had constant lower back pain and pain shooting down my left leg for ten years. I could not do physical activities and had tried various methods for relief. I had tried everything except surgery, when I saw the ad for Back In Action; I made the decision to undergo treatment. I have had no pain since the third week of treatment and I take no pain pills for the first time in ten years. Thanks!!
-Stephen Baum

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